SpiroPack MB3 & RV2 28MM

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A discounted pack for the installer whose prefers to install a Sprirotrap MB3 dirt separator on the heating return pipe and a Spirovent RV2 deaerator on the heating flow pipe.

The installation of a Spirotrap MB3 prevents the build up of dirt contaminating your central heating system and helps to ensure that it is operating to its maximum efficiency.
Features & Benefits:

  • Highly recommended for all types of boilers, especially high efficiency boilers.
  • Unique dual action, automatically and continuously removes both magnetic and non-magnetic dirt from the heating system.
  • Proven to improve energy efficiency by independent testers.
  • Helps to reduce running costs.
  • Helps to protect and prolong the life of components such as the boiler & radiators.
  • Helps to reduce nuisance call outs by eliminating problems caused by circulating dirt.
  • Slim design fits neatly on any pipework.
  • Easily cleaned during the heating systems annual service.
  • Guaranteed for life of the boiler to a maximum of 20 years.
  • Simple to install.

Spirotrap MB3 How it works video.

The Spirovent RV2 is a fully universal deaerator. Like all other Spirovent versions, it easily and effectively removes circulating air and micro bubbles from system water.
Features & Benefits:

  • Can be mounted and put in use in only a few minutes.
  • Effectively removes circulating air and micro bubbles.
  • Inhibits the formation of corrosion products.
  • Puts an end to gurgling and other irritating noises.
  • Removes air inclusions and prevents cold radiators.
  • No more manual venting.
  • Minimum, constant pressure drop.
  • Energy saving.
  • 20 year guarantee.

Spirovent RV2 How it works video.

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