Spirotrap MB3+ 22mm Dirt Separator

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Only available in 22mm size, the MB3+ Pack includes SpiroTrap MB3, full bore isolators and SpiroPlus Protector Aerosol offering installers optimum flexibility and service in one package.

Corrosion inhibitor benefits and features:

  • Excellent corrosion inhibiting effect
  • Prevents corrosion of all common metals, including aluminium
  • Prevents the formation of corrosion sludge in the system
  • Reduces lime scale formation in heat exchangers
  • Ensures system efficiency is maintained and saves energy
  • Extends the service life of the system
  • Can be used with all metals, seals and O-rings

SpiroTrap - How it works video.

Disclaimer - Images are for illustration purposes only, always refer to datasheet or drawings for detail.

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