SpiroVent Superior Vacuum Degasser 4.5bar

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SpiroVent Superior Vacuum Degasser 4.5bar.

The SpiroVent Superior is a fully automatic vacuum degasser for heating, cooling and process systems. Because of the fully electronic control system, the Superior offers numerous facilities for reading system information, status and logged data.

Benefits and features:

  • Removes all gases, free air, microbubbles and dissolved gases.
  • Absorptive fluid also ensures the removal of trapped gas bubbles.
  • Easy installation, which greatly reduces commissioning and handover.
  • Energy-efficient whilst still achieving the lowest possible gas
  • Concentration thanks to SmartSwitch.
  • Degassed (re)filling and sustained pressure.
  • Warns before (re)filling becomes excessive.
  • Can team up with all common expansion systems.
  • Two-year guarantee.

    Spirovent Superior How it works video

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